Fiscal Sponsorship

West Virginia Citizen Action Group is a statewide organization that has advocated for better public policy, rights of individuals, a clean environment, and a stronger democratic process since 1974. Their mission is to empower the average citizen in public affairs through research, education, lobbying, organizing, and coalition building. WVCAG is acting as the fiscal agent for the No Parks, No Libraries, No Levy campaign.


Donations from supporters like you help us with our movement. You can support us financially in the following ways:

Mail Checks to:

WV Citizen Action
1500 Dixie Street
Charleston, WV 25311

Donate Online:


Our team of volunteers is hitting the ground running for our movement. You can join us, too! Click the button below and let us know how you would like to help out. You’ll be contacted by one of our volunteers with information on how to help.

Spread the Word!

The Parks and Libraries depend on support from our community. With everyone working together, we can make sure our community resources are fully funded. You can help by telling your friends and families to VOTE NO on the Board of Education Excess Levy on May 14.

Together, we can do great things!