The following was posted on the Official Facebook Page of the Cabell County Public Library on April 11, 2024. Find it here.

Hello! Our administration is working on a plan of action based on current and upcoming budget cuts that will be released to the public in the future. In an effort to continue being transparent with you, we want to let you know that while we appreciate any financial support received from the public through the Cabell County Board of Education’s Excess Levy, the proposed amount that voters will be faced with in May is still a significant cut to our typical funding. The attached chart provides estimates based on the percentage we received previously.

Although $1.3M seems like a significant contribution to the library, we will have to make cuts to our budget somewhere to replace the upcoming shortfall. This loss, coupled with the loss of the equalization funds, results in a total estimated loss of nearly $3.5M over the next levy cycle for our library system and sets our library funding back to 2012 levels. Furthermore, there is no room in the proposed excess levy to account for inflationary increases. Due to the fixed rate over the course of the years, we will continue to face shortfalls and have to make additional cuts.

We know this is not news any of our supporters want to hear; however, we do want the public to be aware that there will be changes for the Cabell County Public Library (Main, Barboursville, Cox Landing, Gallaher, Guyandotte, Milton, Salt Rock, and West Libraries) based on these cuts. As always, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING US. You all are amazing!

A graph showing funding received from the BoE levy since 2011, including the proposed amounts. 

Starting in 2023, the amount of Equalization Funds has been reduced to zero, with a chart showing how much equalization funding would be lost with the proposed levy, increasing by year. 

By 2030, the amount of equalization funding lost is shown as $792,832


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